Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Nice meeting, good information, good recipes; so I go home to kitchen misery

And I swear I had no wine at lunch!!  

For our  supper I planned anazazi beans which I was sure I had in the freezer, just ready to thaw, heat and eat.  But nooo, not to be. It turned out to be blackeyed peas left from New Year's day. Nice, but not at all what we wanted with our cornbread tonight. I thought I would put in a little dab of refried beans from another container, but nooo, not to be. It turned out to be rice dressing I bring in a frozen state from Louisiana from time to time.  Now frozen rice dressing is actually a very flavorful liver and ground meat spiced recipe that has absolutely NO RICE in it. It is for dressing the rice. It can also be used in a cornbread dressing.  Tonight it is stewing with canned pinto beans.  It will probably be very good; or not. We will see and I will report back on it in the future.

Sometimes good recipes come from mistakes, just like dacron or nylon were mistakes in a lab.  Let's hope that happens tonight. And in the future I may just wear my glasses when looking at frozen mysteries in the freezer.

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