Friday, July 14, 2017

I was sent this article from BioClarity on herbs you can grow that are good for skin care. It's a nice article, well written and informative. Some of the herbs will even grow in Rockport! I'm including a sample from the article as well as the link.


Next time you’re chopping up cilantro for your favorite guacamole or salsa recipe, consider the benefits this herb offers for your skin. Eating cilantro provides plenty of health benefits, including decreased cholesterol and digestive issue relief, but it can also pack a powerful punch when it comes to skin care. Cilantro is jam-packed with antioxidants that fight free radicals, and provides a potent dose of Vitamin C. Cilantro has antibacterial and antifungal properties, and can help soothe inflammation for those with acne-prone skin.
Ingestible Benefits: Throw cilantro into your favorite salad or dish to soothe your digestive system and decrease high cholesterol levels.
Topical Benefits: Grind coriander seeds and mix the powder into your favorite DIY mask to take advantage of its soothing, anti-inflammatory benefits.
Growing Tips: This aromatic herb does best in sunny or lightly shaded areas in southern zones. Make sure your soil is moist and well-draining. As you begin to plant, be sure to leave around seven inches between each seed; if you want to maintain your fresh cilantro, sow them every two to three weeks.

Bay Leaf

Bay leaves can help detoxify the body, minimize the effects of aging on your skin, combat bacterial infections, reduce inflammation, and speed up healing. This wonder leaf deserves a spot of honor in your botanical skin care solutions. True bay leafs come from the Laurel tree and can be ground into a fine powder for use in home skin care remedies.
Ingestible Benefits: Toss a few bay leaves into your favorite soup or stew and take advantage of its ability to soothe an upset stomach, facilitate efficient digestion, boost heart health, and regulate blood sugar levels.
Topical Benefits: Grind up a few bay leaves and apply topically with your favorite moisturizer. Bay leaves contain unique phytonutrients that can reduce irritation and alleviate joint pain when applied topically. Apply bay leaves topically to blemishes and skin lesions to encourage healing and get smooth radiant skin.
Growing Tips: You can actually grow bay laurel in a pot, just be sure it gets enough sunlight and is planted in a well-draining container. Be sure to water your laurel deeply, less frequently—the soil should dry out a little bit in between waterings.


Fresh cucumbers contain plenty of antioxidants, helping you combat wrinkles and prevent sun damage. Cucumbers contain important compounds called cucumerin and cucurbitacins that can help fight inflammation and minimize the effects of aging. They also pack a mean punch of Vitamins C and K, antioxidants that can help fight dark circles under your eyes. The Vitamin B5 found in this crunchy produce helps the skin retain moisture, while silica found in cucumbers promotes collagen production, which can help combat wrinkles.
Ingestible Benefits: Chop up cucumbers in your favorite salad and munch on this crunchy fruit to take advantage of numerous benefits. Eating cucumbers can relieve heartburn, flush out toxins, and nourish your body with plenty of immunity boosting Vitamins, including A, B, and C.
Topical Benefits: Head to any local spa and you’ll find a cucumber-based treatment. Make your own resort spa experience at home by using cucumber juice in your favorite DIY masks. Throw a cucumber in a processor and mix with some lemon juice and sugar for an at-home scrub.
Growing Tips: Cucumbers are easy to grow, even for novice gardeners. Plant your cucumbers in an area that receives full sun, keep the soil moist, and voila—you’ll have the perfect addition to a summer salad and your next at-home skin care treatment. Cucumbers require steady watering, and using compost and nutrient-rich fertilizer will help yield some delicious produce.