Monday, January 11, 2010

Information on Freeze Damage from Linda

Hey Herbies!

I'm wondering which of your favorite plants did and didn't survive. Remember lots of things will come back from the roots come springtime providing the roots didn't freeze. And if the trunk is still intact, they should come back. Just take off the mushy stuff and see what happens come spring.

Actually considering the freeze, my yard looks pretty good, but I have freeze damage on my hamalias, hibiscus, spider lilies, Cuban pea vine, butterfly milkweed asclepias tuberosa, Canna lilies, bananas and Porter weed. My herbs, roses, citrus and Sago all look really great considering we had 3 nights of freezing weather. My tree tea did just fine, but my henna tree looks really bad. I forgot to cover both of them. And I my plumerias and pony tail palms I just uncovered, and they all look just fine. However, even with heat in my greenhouse, I did lose about 10 orchids.

See everyone Wednesday at our Herb Meeting, Dill: Herb of the Year 2010!


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Cindy Meredith said...

I'm happy to say the new plants I put in a couple of weeks before the freeze look great. They include: thyme, chamomile, violets (Johnny Jump Ups), chervile and sage. The Lovage looks sad, all the chives are lying down, but I think they'll recover. My Texas Olive in the middle of the bed in front of the workshop has lost all its leaves. The rose bushes look fine. The lemon grass is very brown, but it is laying on a big pot of orange mint, which looks fine. Oregano, fine. Rosemary, fine, both in-ground and in large containers.

My stock plants look great due to the fact I watered them heavily before the freeze and covered them outdoors with 2 layers of frost blanket.

It got down to 18ºF both Saturday and Sunday mornings or Friday and Sat., I forget which. That was the coldest.