Sunday, January 20, 2013

2013 Herb Program

Hey Herbies!

For all of you that missed our January program, "The Chocolate Tree" presented by Pat Baugh's son and daughter-in-law, . . .well all I can say is you missed a really great program! I think that the terrible weather kept a lot of members from attending! Thank you Pat, Darrell and Gayle! I will be posting some websites to check out about chocolate. I had no idea how chocolate comes about, but I do now.

Also I have some photos that I'm going to add to our Blog about our November 14, 2012 program “Aromatics" presented by Cindy Meredith and Mary Ann Davis.

We need to get our 2013 Herb Program ready! Are there any of you wanting to give a program this year? Any of you want to recommend a field trip? Any suggestions are more than welcome.

OK, here is the sign up list!

January 9, 2013: "The Chocolate Tree" by Darrell and Gayle Smith

The rest of the months are open. Please send me back a reply for which month and topic you want.

February 13: "Come learn the history, cultivation and current uses of Elderberry, The Herb of the Year for 2013" presented by Cindy Meredith
March 13: "Mandrake" presented by Cindy Meredith (Remember Harry Potter and Mandrake?)

April 10:

May 8:

June 12:

July 10:

August 14:

September 11:

October 9:

November 13:

December 11: Holiday Luncheon

Just as soon as I find out who is going to give the February program, I'll let you know. FYI: Elder (Sambucus): Herb of the Year™ 2013! Anyone interested in taking this for our February program?

Also since we didn't put on the Herb Festival for 2012, I wonder if anyone is interested in referring the Festival out to another group. I think that our group has gotten too small to put on such a big festival. If you know anyone interested in joining our group, please pass on an invitation for them to join us. Regarding the Festival, I got lots and lots of inquiries about it last year. It's already "set-in-motion" with all of the information we can pass on! Let me, Ruth or Cindy know.

Be sure to read our Rockport Herbies Blog. Ruth, Cindy and I try to keep updated information on it!

Great Gardening,

Linda  a/k/a Herbie

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