Sunday, March 13, 2011


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Warm-Weather Herbs for the Texas Gulf Coast--
Notes Prepared by Linda Collins – Presentation given by Cindy Meredith
Planting Herbs (warm-weather herbs vs. cool-weather herbs). Often we buy herbs that give us growing instructions, and we follow the instructions and they die. Why? Because the instructions are for growing herbs up in the north which have mild summers and cold winters. The Texas Gulf Coast is a whole different story for growing herbs. We plant warm-weather herbs in the spring and remove them when they die at the end of their growing period in the fall.
Then we plant cool-weather herbs in the fall, and if we have a mild winter, they should keep growing until it heats up in late spring or early summer. This provides for a year-round herb garden. If we have a mild winter, many of these annuals can become perennials.

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