Tuesday, March 23, 2010


I've had several hummers overwinter here this year. I've had RT's and BB's. And because of the freezes, I have kept feeders out all winter long. And most, not all though, of my plants came through the freezes without major freeze damage. My rosemary plants (maybe 10 of them) have been blooming since early January, and that has been a main source of food for the hummers this winter. And my bottlebrush just started blooming and they are feeding on it too.

I have noticed that I am seeing more and more of them, so I guess they are getting ready to head up north for the summer.

And I've been seeing and hearing the martins that are arriving!

Whether you are a birder or not, you really need to watch this episode about hummingbirds. One of the banders, Nancy Newfield, used to come to Rockport and band the birds. I've met her on several occasions.


Photo by Linda Turner Collins taken on Guanaja, Bay Islands, Honduras

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