Tuesday, March 31, 2015

More information: "Field Trip to The Herb Cottage, Hallettsville"

Hello everyone!

Even though Linda can't make the trip The Herb Cottage, I hope others of you will get a carpool or two together and come on up here! The wildflowers are out and it will be a pretty drive. Things here at The Herb Cottage are looking great, too.

As Linda mentioned, I have lots of plants to look at and purchase, if you like. For you succulent lovers, there are lots to see!

I'd would be good if someone could let me know if anyone is coming. All the email addresses are in the top of this and Linda's email, if you need to get in touch with anyone to make arrangements. Or just Reply All and your message will go out to the group.

I hope I'll be welcoming a great group of my fellow Herbies next week!

Cindy Meredith
The Herb Cottage

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