Wednesday, September 3, 2014

“Summer Watermelon” presented by Pat Baugh and Cindy Meredith

On Wednesday, August 13, 2014, our program “Summer Watermelon was presented by Pat Baugh and Cindy Meredith! Cindy gave us a lot of interesting information about watermelon, while Pat presented a cooking demonstration with tastings. Lois Atwood brought three different watermelon dishes too! I never realized how many ways watermelon can be eaten. Everything was so good!

So as promised, find below some of the recipes supplied by Pat and Lois! Enjoy!

Just click on the following links for the recipes:

Watermelon Slush:

Watermelon Gazpacho:

Awesome Summer Watermelon Salad:

Watermelon Fire & Ice Salsa:

Watermelon Pie:

According to the National Watermelon Promotion Board,  despite what you have been told, swallowing a watermelon seed will not cause one to grow in your stomach! LOL!

They also state the following information about watermelon:
Nutritionists have long appreciated the health benefits watermelon provides. Watermelon not only boosts your "health esteem," but it is has excellent levels of vitamins A and C and a good level of vitamin B6.

  • Vitamin A found in watermelon is important for optimal eye health and boosts immunity by enhancing the infection-fighting actions of white blood cells called lymphocytes.
  • Vitamin B6 found in watermelon helps the immune system produce antibodies. Antibodies are needed to fight many diseases. Vitamin B6 helps maintain normal nerve function and form red blood cells. The body uses it to help break down proteins. The more protein you eat, the more vitamin B6 you need.
  • Vitamin C in watermelon can help to bolster the immune system's defenses against infections and viruses and can protect a body from harmful free radicals that can accelerate aging and conditions such as cataracts.
  • A two-cup serving of watermelon is also a source of potassium*, a mineral necessary for water balance and found inside of every cell. People with low potassium levels can experience muscle cramps.

  • So give some of these recipes a try! I think you will be glad that you did! Enjoy your watermelon!

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