Monday, September 10, 2012

Hot Peppers

The August program was indeed Hot Peppers by Barb McSpadden.  Like some of the presenters before her she brought goodies to try.  They were wonderful.

Herbie here!  I found the article The Patron Saint of Peppers by Jeff Baker!  It is on page 174 of The Old Farmer's 2012 Almanac!  Barb referenced this during her program!

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And here is a good article about Peppers by Skip Richter, Contributing Editor for Texas Gardener. 

Peter Piper was definitely before his time. Peppers are still the trendy veggies you must have for your vegetable garden to be… well, to be cool. But they are not just for the vegetable patch, as numerous new ornamental types are available for setting annual beds ablaze with color.

Bell, cherry, chili, pimiento, banana, paprika, tabasco, habanero, piquin and the list goes on, making peppers among the most diverse and versatile of garden veggies. Although "discovered" in the 1500s by Spanish explorers to the New World, American gardeners and consumers are now rediscovering the versatile pepper.

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You might want to check out website HARVESTING HOT PEPPERS

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