Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Researching herbs on the web

I am posting the links we used in the program today. But you will notice many of them are already posted on this blog.  Remember you do not have to be a Facebook member to view our Facebook page.

Links to start your internet searching.


HerbNET - Herb Uses – AB a must for all the links within the site

Growing Herbs Richter’s, there are many links to the different herbs and plants on this site.

Dave’s Garden forums, blogs, journals, etc.

Herb recipes

Free Herb Recipes - Lingles Herbs

Guidelines For Making Herb Vinegar - Ethel’s Guidelines

Biblical Herbs and references

The Biblical Herb Garden –Mountain Valley Growers

Bible Herbs South Texas Unit of the Herb Society

Conroe,TX actually a prayer garden design for Biblical herbs

Miscellaneous sites of interest

My Grandfather's Earthworm Farm a sweet story of a fertile, self-contained farm, just nice to read.

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Herbie said...

Thanks Ruth for the really good program on researching herbs on the Internet! Good job well done!