Tuesday, May 24, 2011

More Herb Information coming sooon!

I am working on some new articles to post. Two that will be posted soon are on:

I. Bay: Basically, there are five different trees that are referred to as bay trees.

1. Laurus nobilis, which is what we consider to be the "true bay", is also known by the common names of bay laurel, sweet laurel, laurel, or sweet bay.

2. Umbellularia californica, also known by the common names California Bay or Oregon Myrtle, is often sold by spice companies as California bay and is a substitute for the L. nobilis.

3. Persea borbonia, also known as Red Bay, is what we see growing here on the coastal bend.

4. P. borbonia var. pubescens, is known as Swamp Bay, and it also grows here on the coastal bend.

5. Magnoliaceae virginia, also known as Sweet Bay, is in the Magnoliaceae family and produces a beautiful white flower very similar to the Southern Magnolia flower. It grows in acidic soil and is found in East Texas.


II. Luffa gourds a/k/a Loofahs with origins in Asia. They have about 8 species and belong to the Cucurbitaceae family which also includes squash, pumpkin, cucumber, and many types of melons. Be sure to check out the GOURDS PROGRAM presented by Pat Baugh for more information about lots of other gourds!

Until then, Great Gardening!

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