Saturday, December 11, 2010

I never promised you an "Urb" garden

But if you read this you just might get one. You never know what you will find from Facebook friends.  I have a friend who is living in the Netherlands now.  She posted this on her site. I have to admit it is too much trouble for me but if I were younger and had more energy I would surely give it a try. Thank you Gayla.
Herb and Urban Garden makes the Urb Garden
This is the ultimate herb garden. It’s not yet in production, but was designed by Xavier Calluaud and shows lots of promise. It employs drip watering, worms and compost to provide fresh edible plants. The design is named “Urb Garden” and was designed in Australia. The Urb Garden is a vertical garden designed to encourage personal food production in small urban domestic environments.

The vertical garden is compact which is perfect for balconies, courtyards and community gardens.
It’s made from HDPE which is easily recycled and fully weather resistant. Food scraps are then placed into the worm farm which produces liquid fertilizer. Water is then added to the fertilizer and the liquid is pumped up to a holding tank. It then drips down through the growing pods and then drains back to the tank to be recycled through the system. The potting mix can be refreshed with castings from the worm farm before replanting.
For photos and instruction follow the links.

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Herbie said...

This is a very interesting article! I agree though that I probably won't have the time to do it, but maybe one day! Thanks!