Thursday, May 20, 2010

I'm Home from the Hill country

We had a great family campout last weekend.  But some of our tribe had a hard time in the terrific thunderstorm on Friday night. One family had soaked sleeping bags, but lived through the night.  One family slept on an air mattress so they didn't get wet.  One family didn't take in so much water in their tent. And Ruth and Dick were high and dry in their trailer camper. 

But everyone dried out in time to hit the lake and swim, snorkle and kayak all day long on Saturday.  They had a wonderful time. The little toad frog lovers had a great time; the little boogers were hopping all over the place and the lake had millions of tadpoles. No fish, just frogs and tadpoles.

We had way too much food for 17 people for just a weekend.  But we had tons of fun, singing, playing and just visiting and enjoying each other.

And Wildflowers.  They were everywhere in great variety and profusion.  The most numerous were the rain lilies.
I was thrilled to see both prairie and meadow pinks along with blue gilia. Not many of the latter, though. There is a little trailing flower named Ratany, (crameria) that is so pretty and very hard to find. The small yuccas were blooming on many roadsides, as were the wild mints, bergamint and horse mint.  It was great for a plant lover.

Yesterday Dick and I toured the LBJ ranch.  Today we have chiggers. enough said.
It is great to be home.

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