Friday, November 27, 2009

A New Blog for our Herb Group

Hi all you Herbies,
I've been working on a web page it is set up at
Today I set up this blog, much easier than the website but unless we use it, it won't be worth the time. I'm hoping we can post what's happening with the planning of the upcoming festival and our monthly meeting. Plus keeping in touch during the slack times.
You can post links to articles you find interesting, sites of interest and some really good recipes. I am hoping the comments will be working to our advantage also. There are a limited number of people I can invite to post but anyone can post a comment.
See you all at the Christmas Party!

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Herbiecott said...

Hey everyone,

Hi from Cindy in Cslifornia! I'm having a great visit with my family out here. Today I'm off to watch birds down by the SF Bay and take a tour of a botanical garden in Tilden Park in Berkeley.

See you all soon at Sandy's.